The origin of Schnellmaus is shrouded in mystery.  Here is what we know:

Born:  August 26 2014 somewhere between Vienna and Prague.
Mission:  Creative inquiry and philosophy.
Sightings:  Vienna, Prague, Frankfurt, Toronto.
Political Affiliations:  None.
Religious Affiliations:  None.

First Project:  SUBSTRATE

Substrate is a mixed media project composed of film and sculptural objects that explores endemic themes of temporality and the idea that consciousness and existence are mutable substrates for the expansion of time and space.


  1. the state of existing within or having some relationship with time.

What is our relationship to time?
As ephemeral beings we struggle physically and spiritually to integrate disparate and often conflicting facets of the self while the wash of space-time flows over us in an endless rush of light and sound, heedless of the multiple iterations of our consciousness during our sojourn as sentient beings.